Collaborate & Experiment with us

Well over the past few months I have managed to work with some amazing digital artists. Ranging from artists in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and of course Bangalore. We love to experiment with work and try and create products in collaboration with them and sometimes fail and sometimes create something amazing that everybody wants to have.

We are a collaborative space where we want to provide the backing of manufacturing processes set in place, understanding the customer, managing the product and making some money for the hard work put in to creating a design.

CanofJuice can be used as an experimental platform by designers and are more than welcome to exploit us and our resources so that we can learn together and have some fun during the process.

So go ahead and mail me on and feel free to give us your craziest idea and hopefully we might be able to make it market feasible, if not, then at least we’ll get our hands dirty and learn a valuable lesson.

Vishvan Saran

Founder at CanofJuice


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