I had to take that line from Star Trek, my favourite TV show during school days. I remember watching the show every week with my brother. Space indeed is “the” final frontier, no wonder Elon Musk is exploring it. But in India design is going to be the final frontier.

The design industry is still nascent and is growing at a rapid pace. People are realising the importance of good design and that it not only serves us aesthetically but also serves in increasing efficiency by improving functionality. All the sci-fi hollywood movies based in the future show how everything in the future will look minimalistic and well designed and pleasing to the eye. I think the world is moving that way, but India is moving the other way. India is going back to it’s roots. The basic designs which define the Indian culture is what sets us apart. The colours, the vibrance in each design is what makes it unique. The fusion of different cultures is what we need to work towards, and bring the best of these cultures together to create something amazing. Something the world has never seen before. Something the world can’t even imagine.

Indian traditional designs were not only highly efficient and practical, but also visually pleasing and soothing to the eyes. The use of bright colours mixed with darker shades also balanced it out and created a perfect blend so that it’s not too over-powering. In the same way we have collaborated with one of our designers – Shilpa Shanker Narain, who is based out of Delhi. She has created some masterpieces taking Indian themes and mixing it with contemporary styles, and people seem to love it. Generally every where we put up her work it always catches attention. The same goes for another designer – Kritika Trehan, who has created the Indian Masks piece, depicting various Indian dance forms which has been very popular on trays.

With such amazing designs being discovered by us we can’t wait to share this with you on various products and wall art options.

Vishvan Saran

Founder – CanofJuice

One of the Muhawra Series By Shilpa

One of the Masks Series by Shilpa printed on trays

The Masks Series by Shilpa made into coasters

Indian Masks depicting various dance forms by Kritika Trehan used on trays