Our achievements so far

Ever since this journey began about more than a year back, there have been a lot of ups and downs. It’s been a very confusing experience for me as I have managed to get a co-founder on board, who is a good friend of mine and had just returned from studying in California, and then managed to lose the co-founder because his circumstances changed and he had to take care of his family business on priority. We still are close friends and hang out on weekends.

My ideas have been rejected and some just did not work out and they were not commercially viable. But I believe that in the near future some of them will be.

But none the less CanofJuice has managed to gain some attention and made sales which I had not expected at times.

1. We have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing designers – Shilpa Shanker, Malvika Bhandary, Ashwin Yerra, Damini Patel, Kritika, Smita, Gerald, etc.

2. Our first ever exhibition we managed to sell out our products in 1.5 days. Sold a total of 122 framed art prints and secured 40 delivery orders.

3. A lot of the customers came back to us to buy more prints.

4. Shortly after that we secured an order to supply 25 customised wall art prints to a pub in Bangalore


5. Got featured in the Deccan Chronicle.

6. Tied up with a restaurant in Bangalore and launched the CanofJuice Wall which is dedicated to all our Wall Art and Products.

7. Currently supplying our products to 4 Stores in Bangalore, 2 in Chennai, 1 in Surat and very soon launching in stores in Mumbai.

And in the midst of all this I managed to get married as well to the most amazing and supportive person ever who I happened to meet around the time I launched this plan, and has supported me to the hilt through all this.

Well it’s been one crazy journey and I’m sure it’s about to get a lot more crazier, as I work towards figuring out the challenging question put forth by the famous Peter Thiel in a book of his I am currently reading – “Why will employee number 20 join your company?”

Vishvan Saran




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