The Journey So Far

After months and months of on going changes to the website where nothing we ever did seemed good enough to launch, I managed to launch finally last September after months and months of postponement and changes which never stopped. One day I decided, that’s it. We launch the beta version of the site which will give options to sell Wall Art to begin with. So that’s what we did.

What helped me change my mind was when I got a call from a friend who is an illustrator saying – “Comic Con is happening is 2 weeks and I hope you’re putting up a stall there.” To be honest I hadn’t even thought of that. So I called up the number, got their floor layout, chose a stall and confirmed it with them.

Now I was committed to it. No turning back. I had a week to take all the designs from all the artists we had got in touch with over the past few months, choose the right designs, get them printed, framed and ready for the exhibition. It was a mad rush, but managed to get all this done a day before the event.


I had no idea what to expect over those 3 days. But we set off to put up our stall which had the least amount of branding and gimmickry like some of the other brands had done. We displayed our Framed Art Prints as we took only those and then I thought, maybe I printed too much inventory and we won’t be able to sell it all during the 3 days. But to my surprise by noon of day 2 we were running out of products. I called my vendor placed and emergency order and told him to get it ready by the next morning as we will pick it up before the exhibition starts. Now armed with more prints, but again an overwhelming response we managed to sell out those as well by evening and had to start taking delivery orders.

In 3 days we managed to sell 120 framed art prints and got 40 delivery orders which needed to be executed immediately the next day onwards. With this renewed confidence and happiness that there is indeed a good market for curated digital art work I decided no more changes and the website was officially launched.

What followed the next few weeks was more satisfying than ever. Getting messages from customers who loved the work and wanted to order more to use them as gifts and to fill up their walls more, was nothing short of euphoria. When a product you created and invested in works there is this sense of satisfaction that can’t be explained, and this is what drives us to ensure that each and every product that we launch is of the highest quality and is available at the most affordable cost.

Vishvan Saran

Founder at CanofJuice



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