4 reasons why you need coasters in your office right now

4 reasons why you need coasters in your office right now

1) Adds much needed colour to a dull corporate setting.

It is proven that colours impact creativity and productivity and pops of bright colour around the office add much needed chutzpah. Harness the power of colour and say goodbye to gloomy grey and boring beige.



2) Humorous coasters are good conversation starters.


A humorous coaster is a great ice breaker. The water cooler is no longer the harbinger of gossip and conversation. Whether they serve as a reminder that someone needs a drink or bring to mind a cheesy one-liner, coaster’s serve the purpose.


3) They foster a sense of belonging.


Everybody knows that caffeine is central to the functioning of an office space and these personalized coasters for everyone at work will definitely be a big hit! Having your very own coaster at your desk personalizes your space.


4) Keeps your desks and table surfaces clean.


The most obvious use of a coaster – Keep those ugly beverage stains at bay and leave your desks squeaky clean!


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