Common Terrarium Mistakes and how to avoid them

Common Terrarium Mistakes and how to avoid them

1)  Too much sunlight – If you took Biology 101, you would, like anyone else, place your new terrarium either by the window or outside in your balcony. But remember that these plants are enclosed in a glass jars and the glass acts as a magnifier and might just burn your plants. The temperatures rise very fast inside the jar, and before you know it, your terrarium has turned into a steaming sauna. Do your plants a favour and keep them away from direct sunlight.


2 )  Too little pruning – Although terrariums are generally low maintenance, depending on what type of plant you have in it, you might need to prune them every once in a while.  Letting your plants get scraggly or letting them touch the glass is a big no-no. To keep your plants small, you can root-prune them.


3)  Not enough cleaning – Your terrarium is going to function like a mini-ecosystem which means that inevitably, the glass jar is going to get dirty. It is best advised to clean the glass of your terrarium jar, both on the outside and inside once every few weeks. Remember not to use any harsh cleaning products which might harm your plants. Preferably use a damp piece of newspaper or lint-free cloth.


4)  Too much love – Over – watering your terrarium is only going to do your terrarium more harm than good. Same goes for over-fertilising.  Use a spray bottle as opposed to pouring water directly into the jar. In case you do over – water them, damage control in the form of a paper towel to absorb excess water will work just fine. Most terrariums don’t need fertilisers. If you want to keep your plants small, don’t feed them.


5)  Not knowing  their needs – Different plans have different needs. Keep this in mind while picking your plants and the jars for these plants. Plants that like to be moist will thrive in a closed terrarium. Lighting conditions too differ. Low or medium light plants generally work best, but make sure if you get a medium light plant, you are actually giving it that light level.⁠⁠



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