Mary Thomas and Rick Roberts are the designers of the trademarked Zentangle method. Basically, it’s a specific way to draw images, most often in black pen on white paper. Zentangle has become an international phenomenon that now has applications in stress reduction, education, therapy and even motivational training.Zen tangles are miniature pieces of unforeseen, abstract, black and white art created through a very specific method from an ensemble of simple, structured patterns called tangles. It is a fun, easy and relaxing style of awakening the artist in you. It enhances concentration, creativity and focus along with an increased sense of personal well-being.Zen tangles are also considered as an art of meditation. Zen tanglesprovide a fun and light-heartedmethod to relax and take a break from the monotonous daily routines. In a time of smart phones and fancy gadgets Zen tangles can be executed simply with a paper and pen.

While the process may look complex, it is a deceptively simple pathway to relaxation and inner focus. In fact, proponents of the practice note that it has multiple benefits including calming an anxious mind, increasing self-confidence, and cultivating moment-to-moment awareness in a similar way as mindfulness meditation. Practicing and performing Zen tangles on a regular basis can –


  • Relieve stress
  • Self-Soothing
  • Boost Self-esteem
  • Improve sleep
  • Nurture and develop creative abilities
  • Anger management



  • Helps in Brainstorming and Problem Solving
  • Develop/rehabilitate fine motor skills
  • Improves hand-eye coordination



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