We're a fabrication and design agency based in Bangalore.

Our mission.

To create art installations through the process of learning and experimenting and delivering the highest quality of work & to provide solutions through the process of design thinking.

What We Do.

We’re specialists in Space & Environmental Design and Execution.
Bringing spaces to life through our own fabrication unit.
We love Communication Design. Building brand identities and helping them translate their ideas for the world.

Custom Installations

Custom Installations

With our own fabrication unit, there is nothing that we can’t make. We love to experiment and try things never done before.

Fine Art Printing & Custom Wallpapers

High quality prints on canvas and archival papers to ensure it will last a lifetime.
Bring us your concept or design and we will custom print your wallpapers for you.

LED Installations & Signages

We help you reach out and make an impact with custom LED Brand Signages, experimental pieces for commercial spaces.

Branding & Identity

Brand identity is the visible elements of a brand, such as colour, design, and logo that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers’ minds. We help you create an identity for a new or already existing brand so you have a story to tell and not just a product to sell.

Communication & Website Design

We help you strategically communicate information and tell your story to the world. This is done by visual representation of the brand and it’s story with a strategic plan and goal.

Packaging Design

Having an impactful label for your product is half the battle won and we help you win the battle.

Our Achievements.