Care Instructions

Prints are relatively fragile. Natural oils on our fingers (even clean ones) might have a tendency to leave marks.

Prints also dent easily when handled, especially larger size prints. Handle your print as little as possible, and with care.

If you choose to store your print for some time before framing, it’s best to keep it in a cool, dry environment where the temperature and humidity do not fluctuate.

Hang your art away from direct sunlight, as this will age your print.

Prints By using archival materials we are assuring you that everything that comes in contact with the print is pH neutral, or acid-free. This means that nothing in the framing materials will alter or destroy the paper or inks of the print.

Hang your art away from direct sunlight, as this will age your print.

Keep your print away from direct sunlight, as well as reflected light from mirrors, glass, etc.

Do not use any form of liquid or chemical products to clean your canvas, or you may damage it. A soft dust brush can be used periodically to remove settled dust.

Make sure your print is displayed in a stable, moisture-free environment and is kept at a safe distance from any sources of direct heat such as a fireplace.

Hanging your canvas art couldn’t be simpler. The design of our frames means you can rest the piece on a simple nail or screw in your wall. This allows the print to be mounted flat to the wall with no gap at the top. Easy!