• Size: 15×15 inch
  • Medium: Mix Media On Paper
  • Artist: Dharmendra Sahani

The Journey Here, with this work, as the little suggest I tried to show the journey of one’s life. All the people of the society to earn their bread and butter and to settle their life move from one place to another many times I have seen them on railway station and sometimes I was also one of them. At that time what I had observed that I am presenting here railway station, itself a small world where people meet, they talk share their views, ideas, hopes, foods, sorrows, happyness, have friends and then depart. To earn their livelihood how terribly they are suffering, people leave their family, food, sleep, comfort, etc. In search of better future for the family. If the train gets late, they decide to stay on railway station to save their expenses and after that they again Start their journey to get their livelihood. This journey is on and on and on.


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